This Saturday, February 8, 2014 7:00pm at the Carson City Seventh-day Adventist Church

405 College Parkway, Carson City, NV

Is Hollywood just make believe, or is there something they are trying to make you believe?

Little Light Studios Executive Producer Scott Mayer explores the psychological effects of television on the mind. Using clips from Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, Mayer exposes the hidden agendas behind some of the most popular films, all the while, shedding light on why this business is one of the most dangerous weapons in the devil's arsenal. If this war is being fought on the battlefield of our minds, how vital is it to know the enemy's plans?

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 With televisions now in cars, cell phones, checkout lines, billboards, gas pumps, and almost everywhere you go, is it possible we are giving too much time to Hollywood instead of God? Are we letting the programs we watch program our characters? Don't miss this eye opening multimedia presentation from the producers of Magic KingdomReplacement gods and Pseudology live in Carson City one night only.

About Little Light Studios

Founded by three former Hollywood film-crew members, Little Light Studios' mission is to develop eye-opening documentaries and seminars that unmask many of the twisted Biblical themes and deceptive moral ideals pervading the entire entertainment industry today, including movies, TV, music, video games ... and even sports and mainstream news.

It is their hope that a more sophisticated awareness and in-depth knowledge of what lies at the heart of many entertainment industry themes will allow families and individuals to more fully distinguish, and clearly recognize, between well orchestrated authentic entertainment and subversive propaganda, which attacks the mind and rips apart the fabric of society.

With the firm belief that “Christian media” and messages need not be presented in lifeless or unattractive form, Little Light Studios seeks to inspire a new generation of talented young people to share their faith not only intelligently, but with creative passion.